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Chris Eaton, New Rochelle, New York

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Chris Eaton is an online predator. ceaton1973 (pof) 12 years gone ( okcupid) . He is a compulsive liar to the extent of creating a false musical career in California, or pretty much any story that comes out of his mouth. He is a full fledged narcissist. If your familiar with that disorder, please run very fast away from this person. If your not familiar, please read up. The mental, emotional and sexual damage these people inflect on their victims is truly inhumane. Chris is also an online sex addict. His daily goal is to get you on the phone or inbox talking dirty. ( trust me, the same story gets very old very quick) in closing, this man has only harmful intentions. He surfs dating sites for hours daily looking for his next online victim. Hes a self loathing liar looking to destroy anyone he can. Please woman, move on from this monster.

One thought on “Chris Eaton, New Rochelle, New York

  1. Clearly you haven’t done your research. Chris does not lie about his past career, if you had done the research you would know that he is in fact a musician and was in a well-known LA Band. I cannot speak for his online activities. I can only say that I have dated this man and that I found him to be totally honest with me. I trust him. He makes it very clear that he’s not looking for a serious relationship…..I’m sorry if he didn’t do that with you. He’s pretty clear that he’s not looking for a wife…..maybe you just weren’t listening. Either way…..trying to make him look bad on the internet only makes you look worse than you could ever make him look.

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