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Chris (Christopher) Thomas Jenco Pittsburgh, Philly, Illinois, North Carolina,Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Virginia etc

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He abused me in every way. Hes a sociopath if you look it up youll see exactly the monster he is he has 4 kids by 4 women one of which he does not claim cause he told the girl to get rid of it he says. He hit me and called me all kids of stupid and dummy told me i wouldn’t grow as a person, I lacked focus and ambition. Gave me a list of things I should work on…He hid the 4th kid from me some messaged me on IG about her I never knew the while time I was with him He finds most his girls on social media he will block you though from seeing his page so you cant find out his shit. Im not the only women hes gotten physical with. he was born on drugs and set a couch on fire as a kid in his grams basement. He is a master manipulator! He will spin you so hard you wont know who you are much anymore He will start of nice like I said and cook and shit then about month 6/7 is the switch up…Youll be hooked y then and so starts the grooming! He wants to control and manipulate all you do. I could go on and on but from what I read on SOCIOPATHS is that they get fulfillment from torturing you and when they’ve used you up they already have a new target lined up. He lacks remorse for anything and God forbid you cry in front of him he will watch you Ladies please please just watch this one I hear from past relationships hes actually getting worse.

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