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Chris (Christopher) Thomas Jenco Pittsburgh, Philly, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Virgina, Alabama etc

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When we met he was great he starts off with his victims with breakfast he cooks and showering you with affection. Will send you flowers and buy you cards. He will speak on marriage and let his family meet you. It’s all part of his act of SOCIOPATHY! It took me a long time to come to the realization that everything he did to a T was the nature of a SOCIOPATH. His job requires him to travel when he left on his first job he came back a totally diff man. He didn’t come back one night after supposably partying with his friends then to make it worst he left the state thereafter and went back to wrk. Never showed his face again the next day after he didn’t come in from his night out. There were countless verbal, mental, physical, and spiritual abuse encounters.

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