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Chloe Herng Lee Kroger Pharmacist Lewisville Texas, Highland Village Flower Mound Texas

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Chloe has a bunch of skeletons in her closet. Born Oct 1st 1982 By day she is the pharmacy manager at Kroger in Lewisville Texas on 121 in Castle Hills. By night she takes controlled substances in her purse to distribute to others in exchange for lewd sex acts in the backseat of her Mercedes and Porsche cars. Come on, y’all know Kroger don’t pay well enough to buy THREE flashy cars like she owns. Chloe gets around audits by shorting customers a few pills each time and stockpiling them! But the customers haven’t figured it out yet!

Chloe is a cross dresser and cheats on her husband David Le, who also manages the SAME Kroger pharmacy in Lewisville. He don’t know that while he’s holding it down she’s holding it up by cheating on her husband. That’s why she has him work there under her and makes him dress like he’s a pharmacy tech- so she has guaranteed time to cheat and give drugs for payment.

Chloe did us wrong- promised to bring mushrooms and showed up empty handed after she had us role playing with her. She is a liar and a thief, and thinks she’s all that. If it weren’t for David Le, she’d appear in a magazine as a mail order bride or doing nails unlicensed at your local nail salon. Chloe is one of those was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and I’m going to post more of her secrets here! David Le is going to also be getting proof of her cheating!! And just wait til Kroger finds out about the missing pills!

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