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Chan Lee

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Chan Lee is a sleeze ball. He has a girlfriend he’s been with for four years Jennifer Duong. They even live together. But he has another girlfriend Shannon Marnell he started dating a few months ago. She’s an elementary school teacher in Surrey. Hyland Elementary. He hides both from each other. Tells one he’s at work all night or busy when he’s really shacking up with the other one. He has this story on one side of his life that he lives with a male roommate, omits the part about Jenn. Then Jenn and friends on the other side of Chan’s life have no idea about Shannon. His online life he goes on an on about being with Jenn but he keeps Shan away from his online life so she doesn’t notice how much he claims to be in love with Jenn. It’s fucking wrong! How can someone be in love with 2 different girls? He’s just greedy total slime ball. In love with two girls, what a douchebag. His friends at work don’t know about Jenn. His friends in his regular personal life don’t know about Shannon.

Chan’s twitter @showmerage
Jenn’s twitter @mechbunnies

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