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Chad Ferguson Beaverton oregon

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A real douche bag!!!! For 5 years I have put up with Chads abuse. All kinds of abuse. But what I want people to be warned about is he uses drugs to have sex with girls. I call them girls because when you’re 45 that’s what they are. Most of them tend To be so lacking in self respect they believe his lies and well like that he is a meth dealer. They think he has money but reality he lives with his mom. Anyways he likes meeting strangers to fuck on fuck sites. Like easy adult friend finders. He also is the kind of douche bag who takes out ads on Craigslist for any type of woman to come over so he can spend a whole weekend eating her pussy. He gets off on having a woman at home to watch his kids and he is out all day and night pretending to be a good guy looking for soulmate. And he runs around with lowlifes so no one seems to care he fucks all the chicks he meets. He only deals drugs to females….so he can fuck them and keep them stupid. He is a sex addict who thinks he fucks so good he should let every chick he meets be blessed by his dick in them. No joke he can’t go into any situation without coming out with a hookup to play with. He lies. Pretends he wouldn’t do that even though he is so stupid he leaves proof all over. He is a criminal. Should be back in prison. He just is a douche bag who lies and uses people. Oh and when you cross him he starts with harassment and he will do anything to “pay you back” . He will take a good woman and turn her into a shell with nothing left. Let you be homeless once he has used you up. He lies about everything and anything. I’ve caught him several times vrecording us having sex
And am sure he has put it online. I have so much awful stuff I could go on about but he has a way of getting us females to believe it’s just a misunderstanding or someone just trying to mess with him.

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