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Cesar A Sam, Miami, Florida

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Cesar Sam is in an ongoing affair with my wife, Shantel Cole. Shantel and I have been married since 2008 and have a son together. She met this POSOM (piece of shit male) while she was training for the Navy. I am also in the Navy as well. She has abandoned our son and forcibly moved my stepson to Florida in order to engage in this affair. She is going by her maiden name Shantel Soto. Cesar Sam was arrested for molestation of his own daughter. He was abusive to his wife of 10 years and got her hooked on drugs. He has three children with his wife and doesn’t pay any child support whatsoever. As a matter of fact his daughter has a restraining order against him. He also was having affair with my wife while he was engaged to Monique Gattuso, they were engaged for three years and have a three year old daughter. He is a security guard at Miami Dade community college Kendall campus. He lives with his mom with my wife and is 35 year old loser. His address is 14185 SW 87th St. APT A-210. He is also into online sex hook ups his profile is here: He paid money to my wife so she can ship my kids to Puerto Rico without my permission. Yet he can’t pay child support! I got custody of my biological son but my step son is silently suffering. My wife has been telling people that I was abusive but she was arrested for domestic battery and plead guilty. I am fighting for my marriage and trying to save my wife, Shantel, from this sexual predator. Please be on the look out for him. My son has recurring nightmares of this man coming to our house and “touching” him. He misses his mother dearly! Cesar attends Miami Baptist Church but is hardly a Christian. With a history of sleeping with other men’s wives and his dead beat dad status he is hardly following the path of the Bible. He frequents L. A. Fitness which is located at 8555 SW 124th Ave Miami, FL 33183 Thank you and God bless Ephesians 5:11-13 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. Other phone numbers for this POSOM are: 786-304-6691 786-348-3125

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