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cedric jermain rhaney . atlanta ga , brunswick ga and texas

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cedric rhaney
hide you daughter hide your wife’s hide you men . this man IS A STRAIGHT DOG! . 1ST he will try to charm you in every way possible and take all you got. He will take you out in his car which is HIS PARENTS CAR cause he has no car or license due to non payment in child support he will try to take you shopping ON OTHER FEMALES MONEY that they gave him for bills and his kids that he don’t take care of with. he will take you too a house that you think is his NOOOO ITS HIS PARENTS HOUSE BOTH OF THEM. HE IS A MASTER AT TELLING YOU WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR. he will try and use you for everything you got bleed you dry till you have nothing and move on to the next female. he will sleep with you on the 1st night he meet you and he will have you pay for his weed and he will pawn anything and everything that will give him a lot of money or enough to get what he need if you just got it trust it wont be there the next day or so. he literary has 5 kids but wont take a Dna for 1 of them but act like he has 1 that he lied to take away from the mother he has 3 kids with but left her with the other 2 so he got 5 kids 3 baby moms. thank god I don’t have any with him. he will tell you lies about them saying that they don’t take care of them or do anything for them or they left the 1 daughter he has. calling the mothers hoes and everything under the sun to make you hate the mothers if he admits to how many he really have BUT IN REALITY HE THE ONE WHO DONT TAKE CARE OF NON OF HIS KIDS. I felt so sorry for these women who had his kids. I found out that HE IS MARRIED without me knowing it TWICE! still married till this day and had the kids behind my back and he has lived with everyone of them and found out they didn’t know anything about each other until they took him to court and he shows up with a different girl every time. this man has got over on all of us AND HE CAUGHTTHE “SIFALIS” STD FOR LIFE AT THAT (EWWW)like I said straight nasty doggg. I don’t know what he tells these women for them to move him in every time but its crazy so BEWARE IF THIS MAN OR YOU WILL BE ANOTHER PREGANT BROKE STD HAVING BABY MOMMA that’s what he will tell the next females (VICTIMS) about you .

One thought on “cedric jermain rhaney . atlanta ga , brunswick ga and texas

  1. This is crazy a post about him i had meet him on pof and he wanted me to send for him from texas and i read he has an std that will never go away and he got more kids that he dont care of i cant deal with a guy like that

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