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Catie Wilkins St. Pete / Tampa, Florida

First Name : Catie
Last Name : Wilkins
Gender : F
Age : 40
City : St. Pete / Tampa
State : FL
Country : US
Alias 1 : xxxMZCATxxx
Alias 2 : wilkinscathj
Alias 3 : Catie Josephine Wilkins
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Meet Professor xxxMZCATxxx of MEDICAL HUMANITIES | University of South Florida St. Petersburg…

Dr. xxxMZCATxxx — Her superpower is an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

Catherine Wilkins

Judy Genshaft Honors College (@usfhonors)

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Table of Contents
Reasons for Applying for the CDA Scholarship
Supplement to Scholarship Application for Catherine Wilkins

1. The illness of a loved one has depleted my savings and caused a great deal of medical debt which I help pay, while at the same time impeding my graduate education and making my progress as a student somewhat difficult.

2. My position as a graduate teacher is very rewarding in that it enables me to share my love of learning with fellow young people; however, it does not cover the full cost of my school fees and living expenses.

3. I fear that my dream of earning a graduate degree and becoming a college professor might not be realized without further financial aid.

(* It is awful to know, that by living example, Dr. Wilkins shows students how to cheat in a multitude of ways, disregard integrity and honor, not get caught for years, and advance themselves through fraud and lies. An Honors College is supposed to be led by persons that have truly demonstrated a lifetime of honor and integrity, not just lied about it.)

Supplement to Scholarship Application for Catherine Wilkins

My name is Catherine Wilkins. I enrolled as a graduate student at Tulane University in New Orleans, pursuing a Master of the Arts degree in Art History.

I lived in the Tampa Bay area my entire life before moving away for graduate school, born into a wonderfully large and caring extended family. My family raised me very well, and taught me principles of love, wisdom, and faith from a very early age. In part due to their dedication to my upbringing, I was able to skip first grade, going directly to second grade from Kindergarten. From grade school onward, I attended Catholic schools, where I was educated both intellectually and spiritually. During my time at St. Petersburg Catholic High School, I began assisting as a volunteer at a local soup kitchen, as well as at a tennis camp for young children. Additional extracurricular activities during that time period included employment of thirty five hours per week at Publix Supermarkets, membership on the high school tennis team, enrollment in the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society), and volunteer work for several environmental agencies.

I graduated high school third in my class, with highest honors and a special departmental award in English, just after my seventeenth birthday. In the fall, I dual-enrolled at the University of South Florida (U.S.F.) and St. Petersburg Junior College in order to take more courses at once. I took specialized courses at the University and more broad, required classes at the Junior College, all completely funded by merit-based scholarships. While at school, I received the Florida Bright Futures full scholarship, as well as an additional Legacy Scholarship from the Humanities department, a trustee scholarship from the Junior College, and both Presidential and Honors scholarships from the University of South Florida. I received my Associates’ degree in just over a year, in December, graduating on the Dean’s List with High Honors. After that point, I attended courses solely at U.S.F. while still working at the supermarket. At the University, I specialized in the Humanities, and had a ravenous appetite for all knowledge concerned with history, art, literature, music and theatre. My scholarships allowed me to take a great number of classes at once, sometimes as many as twenty-two credit hours per semester, prompting me to finish my Bachelor’s degree three years after I received my high school diploma. I graduated magna c*m laude, with an overall Grade Point Average of 3.757.

Upon my graduation, I received an offer of a full scholarship for graduate school, plus a paid position as a graduate assistant at Tulane University, a well-accredited school in New Orleans. Unfortunately, over the summer between my graduation and my planned matriculation at Tulane, my boyfriend of four years developed a cough which prompted a visit to the doctor’s office. After several tests and minor surgeries, the doctors discovered that my boyfriend was suffering from Hodgkin’s Disease, a type of cancer.

(*TRUE* Patient suffers from cancer. Dr. Wilkins and the cancer patient [her boyfriend and “loved one” of four years] were on the path towards marriage until they started living together and within only a few days, the cancer patient discovered the first hints of Dr. Wilkins’ massive adultery with many others and Dr. Wilkins’ academic cheating. The cancer patient would eventually end their relationship with Dr. Wilkins due to her many adulteries, academic cheating, and refusal to correct the issues, report herself, allow patient to file a report, or do any action honorable or corrective, knowing there were still so many deceits by Dr. Wilkins not uncovered, and because the cancer patient was fighting for their life. Dr. Wilkins continued her cheating and overall dishonest actions.)

As an orphan, my boyfriend had no one else to care for him (*TRUE* But it is a lie that Dr. Wilkins cared for the cancer patient. She appropriates this for her own advancement.), (*LIES*) and I was reluctant to abandon him in such a state.

(*LIES* Dr. Wilkins cruelly appropriates this fact to gain sympathy and respect for herself. Appropriating someone’s status as an orphan for their own selfish purposes is abysmal behavior. Dr. Wilkins did abandon the cancer patient. Dr. Wilkins was committing adultery with David Brodosi [Associate Director, Online Learning & Instructional Technology Services] and many others in multiple locations. Dr. Wilkins was gaslighting and mentally abusing the cancer patient to the point it seriously interfered with patient’s treatment and nearly caused death of the cancer patient. Dr. Wilkins did not have time for college, teaching, adultery, fidelity, integrity, ethics, and caring for a cancer patient, but she could lie about all.)

(*LIES*) Since he was unable to maintain treatment in New Orleans, it was necessary for me to remain in the Tampa area.

(*LIES* Dr. Wilkins lies about location for her own benefit. The cancer patient received all of their treatment in New Orleans at Charity Hospital. Dr. Wilkins impeded the finding and actual medical treatment of cancer patient in a multitude of ways. Cancer patient found their own treatment and was completely on their own. Dr. Wilkins was not present for any treatment nor did Dr. Wilkins provide care or pay any expenses. Dr. Wilkins did not even ask the names of the patient’s doctors and nurses, the real people who cared for and saved the life of her “loved one.” The “loved one” Dr. Wilkins is now trying to use without their knowledge in Dr. Wilkins’ scholarship scam for money and advancement.)

Unfortunately, I had not planned on attending U.S.F. for graduate school, and consequently had not applied for any scholarships. At such short notice, there was no financial aid available for me for my first semester of graduate school, and I was able to pay for only one course with the money I earned working as a library assistant at the University.

(* This is where Dr. Wilkins met David Brodosi. Mr. Brodosi of course knew it was wrong and unethical to contact the patient’s significant other privately, and soon sexually. The USF library and multimedia facilities, David Brodosi’s domains, is where Mr. Brodosi proceeded to flirt daily with Dr. Wilkins, send her sexual messages and explicit images, including nudes and s*x positions, request secret “booty calls” from Dr. Wilkins, and then in real-life receive oral s*x [and other sexual contact and intercourses] from Dr. Wilkins. David Brodosi knew Dr. Wilkins had a significant other, however Dr. Wilkins never discouraged the s*x messages, images, and illicit exchange, as Dr. Wilkins enjoyed the attention and secret relationship and wanted to explore her “bad and dark side.” Dr. Wilkins says David Brodosi took her to a hidden area of the school library facilities, exposed his p***s, and then grabbed Dr. Wilkins’ head and forced Dr. Wilkins to perform oral s*x on David Brodosi. When revealed through David Brodosi’s and Dr. Wilkins’ exchanged s*x messages, Dr. Wilkins at first told her significant other it was an act of rape by David Brodosi. Dr. Wilkins then admitted it was a consensual ongoing secret s*x affair, and she was trying to hide adultery and other lies. Dr. Wilkins and David Brodosi had many sexual encounters, as revealed by Dr. Wilkins’ and David Brodosi’s discussions of multiple “booty calls.” Dr. Wilkins confessed she felt a “thrill and excitement” from cheating, having illicit affairs, hiding, and getting away with so many lies and taboo behaviors, and being able to advance herself with dishonesty.)

(* After seeing and reading a large collection of months of s*x messages and images on Dr. Wilkins’ home and USF work computers to and from David Brodosi [and other secret lovers not mentioned here], and after Dr. Wilkins told the patient that David Brodosi had raped her, the patient called David Brodosi on the phone at his USF office. David Brodosi obfuscated information, and denied any sexual relationship with or rape of Dr. Wilkins, despite the evidence of their exchanged sexual messages and explicit images and Dr. Wilkins’ statements, accusations, and admission. Then behind the scenes, both Dr. Wilkins and David Brodosi conspired together to hide evidence, delete evidence, diminish and deny the facts, and attempt to keep a cohesive story between themselves, despite that months of sexual messages existed and were seen and read by the patient [Dr. Wilkins’ significant other], and that Dr. Wilkins’ alibi stories and admission had already changed several times as more messages were found and revealed [From: “That’s just how friends talk,“ to “It was just innocent flirting, he has a crush on me,” to “It was sexual harassment,” to “David Brodosi raped Dr. Wilkins,” back to “It was just flirting and talk.”]. Each time Dr. Wilkins’ stories changed, the effect and excuses were essentially: “I didn’t do anything./I don’t know what you’re talking about./You imagine things.” to “It’s not what it looks like.” to “I lied.” to “I lied about lying.” to “I lied about lying about lying.” [This became the circular routine during the revelations of many others of Dr. Wilkins’ deceits.])

(* Dr. Wilkins and David Brodosi then tried to diminish their roles [Dr. Wilkins, among several stories she gave, said: “It was just flirting and David Brodosi took it too far and raped her,” and thus she was the victim and not an adulterer. David Brodosi tried to deny all facts of the s*x affair, and then later said privately between themselves they needed to keep to the false story that: “It was just flirting and imagination, without sexual contact.”]. The patient then later saw Dr. Wilkins’ and David Brodosi’s messages to each other admitting to the secret affair, but trying to diminish it now that they were at least partially exposed. David Brodosi knew about the patients’ condition, as Dr. Wilkins told David Brodosi much about the life of the patient, as well as told many of her professors and USF faculty around her [she told others about the patient’s condition to gain false sympathy and false respect for herself, same as in this scholarship application]. David Brodosi callously did not care about the patient’s illness, physical or mental health of the patient, or how Brodosi’s secret adulterous affair and the gaslighting and coverups with Dr. Wilkins would detrimentally affect the patient.)

(* Cancer patient begged and insisted Dr. Wilkins file a sexual harassment and s*x offender report concerning David Brodosi to USF authorities and police, if Dr. Wilkins’ statements were true concerning rape, being a victim, and harassment. Dr. Wilkins told the patient she did file multiple times, but actually did not file any s*x offense report. Cancer patient insisted Dr. Wilkins tell her parents of the sexual harassment, her dishonesties in college, and other dishonorable activities and start taking corrective and honorable actions. Dr. Wilkins did not, and instead fabricated a letter from her parents in her parents’ own names [Bill and Rose] and their written-voices that they were informed; however in reality Dr. Wilkins’ parents were not. Dr. Wilkins wrote a false letter pretending to be her parents. The letter said Dr. Wilkins informed her parents and admitted to the dishonorable behavior and that Dr. Wilkins would stop and correct such behavior, and the parents gave an apology and thanks to the patient for bringing such attention to the parents and helping Dr. Wilkins be a better person. It was a completely false letter created by Dr. Wilkins to deceive both her parents and the cancer patient. Essentially it was another fabricated lie that Dr. Wilkins would stop lying, in order to keep covering up her lies and continue lying. After more of her adultery and lies were caught, Dr. Wilkins told the patient [her significant other], “I hate you. I don’t want my boyfriend telling me to do what’s right, otherwise I’d marry my father!” Dr. Wilkins and David Brodosi were only concerned that their secret affair needed to be covered-up, to avoid a sexual harassment case, to avoid public knowledge that Dr. Wilkins was conducting a secret adulterous affair, and to avoid an investigation that would reveal a much larger web of Dr. Wilkins’ lies, abuses both personal and academic, double-life, and more hidden s*x affairs with others. The cancer patient is a real-life multiple-incident rape victim in childhood. It is no small matter to appropriate rape as a coverup.)

(*LIES*) I was extremely troubled, not only due to the stress I experienced as a result of my boyfriend’s battle with cancer,

(*LIES* Dr. Wilkins was callously committing adultery and other deceits and abuses, and covering up her secret affairs with David Brodosi and others. When the cancer patient begged for the truth as the patient was fighting for their life, Dr. Wilkins continued lies and gaslighting, emotionally and mentally weakening the patient, and seriously distracting from the patient’s desperate search for cancer treatment, as patient’s cancer was growing from Stage 1A to Stage 1B to Stage 2 in just a few months, and would eventually lead to death without proper care.)

but also because I felt as though I was falling behind in my course work and was forfeiting my dream of achieving a graduate degree in Art History and going on to work as a college professor. I was left with little but my family, friends, and faith to help me get through this difficult period in my life.

Fortunately, in spring, I was blessed with some opportunities which served to help me on my path to a productive and complete adulthood. I was offered a job as a graduate teacher at U.S.F., a position that provided a very modest salary, but which included a stipend for 75% of my tuition. This provided me a wonderful opportunity to share my love of learning with other young people while at the same time pursuing my own dream of receiving a graduate degree. I earned twelve credit hours toward my Master’s Degree in Art History at U.S.F. (*LIES*) before my boyfriend’s recovery allowed me to continue my education at Tulane University.

(*LIES* Dr. Wilkins did not care about the patient’s recovery. She was not even there for any chemotherapy treatments or the recovery process, or the ongoing checkups and tests. In fact, Dr. Wilkins hindered the entire process with lies, gaslighting, and distractions through dishonesty, cheating in college and academics, appropriation, and adultery. As previously stated, Dr. Wilkins did not even ask the names of the patient’s doctors and nurses, the real and selfless people who cared for and saved the life of her “loved one.” The “loved one” Dr. Wilkins is trying to use in her scholarship scam for personal money.)

While I still have a tuition scholarship and a job at the school, I have encountered a great deal of expenses, in terms of fees that run upwards of $1300 per year that I must pay myself, (*LIES*) along with aiding my boyfriend with his accumulated medical expenses (*LIES*), and, of course, my own living costs.

(*LIES* Dr. Wilkins paid nothing toward the cancer patient’s medical expenses. Not one dime. Dr. Wilkins did not care for the patient, nor even purchase simple inexpensive home care products a cancer patient would need for health, germ sanitation, healing, pain relief, or comfort; things that may cost a dollar or two. Dr. Wilkins spent no money, bought nothing, paid nothing. Dr. Wilkins in action did practically nothing. Dr. Wilkins treated the dying patient as a burden, object, and ingenious opportunity for deceptive gain. Dr. Wilkins mentally abused the patient, while claiming to USF faculty and scholarships she was caring for the patient. The cancer patient was alone in New Orleans’ Charity Hospital, and nearly died alone as the cancer patient battled neutropenia multiple times [low blood counts and deadly fevers and infections from their weakened immune system and chemotherapy]. Charity Hospital in New Orleans paid all of the cancer patient’s medical bills, not Dr. Wilkins. Dr. Wilkins is creating a false story, false timeline, and false location in order that she can receive money for herself, in her own timeline and location [Florida vs. New Orleans].)

(*LIES* Because of Dr. Wilkins’ adultery, obfuscations, gaslighting, and obstructions, the cancer patient did not get insurance papers filed in time [Dr. Wilkins’ response was a cold, callous: “Not my fault you didn’t file in time.”], and cancer patient was denied insurance coverage. After much searching by cancer patient, an extremely kind oncologist offered to treat the cancer patient in the oncologist’s own family home free-of-charge, except for the cost of the ABVD chemotherapy chemicals. ABVD would cost about $30,000. The oncologist offered to not charge services, treat in the oncologist’s own home, and buy the ABVD out-of-pocket himself. The kind oncologist said, if the cancer patient gave their word to pay back the oncologist only for the ABVD, no matter how long it took, he would treat the patient and save the patient’s life. The oncologist was asking for no service payment, no profit, no interest, and no payment upfront. Everything would be free, except for the $30,000 of medicine that the oncologist would have to personally purchase at cost; it was a no-interest, indefinite loan to the patient. This was an extremely generous and caring act. However, the cancer patient did not know how long it would take patient to pay the oncologist back. $30,000 would take many years. The kind oncologist offered no payment terms, except honor and trust and indefinite time. But the cancer patient thought: What if they died during treatment? If the patient died during treatment, the oncologist would have personally spent $30,000 for nothing. Patient declined not for the cost, but because patient did not want the oncologist to personally lose any money. Cancer patient risked death, than possibly not be able to reimburse $30,000 from heaven. The cancer patient was willing to die, instead of chance the oncologist not be compensated for the cost of ABVD chemicals. While the patient desperately wanted their life saved, patient did not want the oncologist to lose in the process. This is probably one of several instances of gained knowledge where Dr. Catherine Wilkins got the idea to tell people, charities, and scholarships she was paying the cancer patient’s bills, and keep the money for herself. The cancer patient is willing to die, instead of not be able to pay back an oncologist’s kindness, because it is the oncologist’s personal money. Dr. Wilkins is willing to lie, steal, and profit.)

(* Much time later, after the cancer had grown a few more centimeters to Stage 2, the cancer patient was able to finally find treatment at Charity Hospital in New Orleans.)

(*LIES*) Because I stayed in Florida with my boyfriend for the first year of my graduate experience and payed (sic) for much of my schooling on my own, my savings have been virtually depleted, and I often face a good deal of stress and pressure when attempting to pay my bills each month. In the meantime, though, I have remained active as a graduate student, maintaining a 4.0 unweighted grade point average while partaking in volunteer activities at the Newcomb Gallery and the New Orleans Museum of Art as well as serving as my department’s representative in multiple on-campus student organizations. This past year, I have taught two art-historical survey classes while I completed most of my graduate coursework, and I am now preparing to begin writing my thesis and applying to other schools where I would like to work toward my Doctoral degree.

Recently, my grandmother, a Catholic Daughter for over four decades, brought this scholarship to my notice. It seems like true help from G*d,

(* Dr. Wilkins even invokes her “grandmother” and “G*d” to play on sympathies in her deceits. In fact, Dr. Wilkins told the cancer patient she was an atheist.)

and would allow me to take more courses at the University without worrying about my inability to pay the related fees. (*LIES*) In addition, I would be more able to dedicate some of my own earnings each month to help my boyfriend meet the cost of the medical expenses he has unfortunately accrued (*LIES*). (*LIES*) While his illness and the ensuing chaotic changes in my life have certainly been taxing – emotionally, physically, and spiritually – I am very grateful that I have had this opportunity to grow and learn, to help another, yet still persist in meeting my own goals (*LIES*). (*LIES*) The experience of the past year has taught me so much about life, love, and faith;

(*LIES* Love? Dr. Wilkins and the cancer patient almost married, until they started living together and within a few days cancer patient discovered the first hints of Dr. Wilkins’ massive adultery with many others. Adultery is hardly “Love.” Faith? Dr. Wilkins told patient she was an atheist. Faith and G*d are invoked here like everything else, falsely.)

important lessons which transcend those I learned in the classroom (*LIES*). I cannot wait to apply what I have learned about life to my educational studies, and this scholarship from the Catholic Daughters will provide me the means by which I can accomplish it.

(* It is again noted that in Dr. Wilkins’ past, Dr. Wilkins has demonstrated that she does not understand or adhere to the concept of the “whole truth.” Dr. Wilkins obfuscates, and when an admission is achieved, it is usually the bare minimum once she has the evidence presented to her several times, and then only admits to the smallest amount the evidence shows. This is to hide larger and multiple deceits, and not offer help into her other deceits. Often once one deceit is uncovered, it leads to a never-ending web of Dr. Wilkins’ deceits, and circular obfuscation by Dr. Wilkins.)

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Truth about Deception. | Catherine Wilkins


October 2, 2018

The Three Lies of Christine Blasey Ford

By J.R. Dunn

The great solon Richard Blumenthal, hero of An Loc, Ia Drang, Khe Sanh, Hue, and Tet, has explained to us that “Who lies in one instance, lies in all.”

Blumenthal was referring to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who hasn’t lied about anything, as far as anyone has been able to tell.

But we can turn it around to focus on the party that Sen. Blumenthal was speaking out for. In how many instances has Christine Blasey Ford lied?

Fear of Flying:

Fear of flying is a commonplace among many travelers (so much so that Brian Eno in the 1970s recorded several hours of soothing music expressly designed to ease such fears). But in Blasey Ford’s case, it was presented as a terror so overwhelming, so uncontrollable, as to prevent her from traveling by air under any circumstances. No – Professordoktor Ford, we were led to believe, would need to drive from Palo Alto to Washington to testify before the Senate Judicial Committee.

This claim fell apart in short order after it was revealed that Ford had lived for a year in Honolulu, a city effectively unreachable except by air, had vacationed in Tahiti and other areas of the Pacific, and regularly flew from California to the east coast to visit family. In light of all this, the “driving” claim became a running social media joke, with bogus reports of which was the last town she had driven through.

The claim collapsed completely when it was revealed that she had flown out to D.C. to testify before the committee, evidently without aid of hypnotism, sedatives, oxygen tanks in case of hyperventilation, or a trained service animal. No one at the hearing bothered to question her about this discrepancy. They should have.

The claim of a connection between Blasey Ford’s aviation phobia and Judge Kavanaugh is something of a mystery. Did he fly in to the infamous party in a Marine Corps Harrier VTOL jet? Or was he making jet plane noises as he was molesting young Christine? These questions, along with a multitude of others, remain open.

Christine is a Psychologist:

Blasey Ford allowed the public and the committee to believe that she was a psychologist in the full meaning of the term. She specifically told the committee that she was a “research psychologist”. She also made the claim on her university web site page, and in several other cases. The legacy media (for instance, the Washington Post and the Atlantic) dropped the “research’ part and repeatedly asserted that she was a licensed psychologist, with no request for a correction from the Blasey Ford camp.

In fact, she is no such thing. While she has done the course work, and was awarded a doctorate in the field, she still lacks certification. To qualify as a “psychologist” in the state of California (and every other state in the union), an individual must serve a one-year residency and pass several rigorous examinations. Blasey Ford has not done so. She is, ipso facto, not a psychologist.

Furthermore, she knows this. Her faculty page, which originally stated that she was a “research psychologist” has been scrubbed, and no longer makes that claim.

Christine’s front door:

Now we must deal with the comedy of the door. The door is a critical element in the Blasey Ford saga, acting as it did to disperse the fog of forgetfulness and enable her to confront the full truth of her ordeal in 1982… or maybe 1983. Simply put, her insistence in 2012 on a second front door led to friction in her marriage, which brought the Blasey Fords before a marriage counselor, at which point the professordoktor either did or did not first tell the tale of her suffering at the hands of Judge Kavanaugh.

“In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail. I recall saying that the boy who assaulted me could someday be on the U.S. Supreme Court, and spoke a bit about his background at an elitist all-boys school in Bethesda, Maryland. My husband recalls that I named my attacker as Brett Kavanaugh.”

(As is true of just about everything else in this story, the reasoning behind the second door remains a mystery. Evidently, its purpose was to allow Blasey Ford a means of escape if Kavanaugh landed his Harrier in front of her home and attempted to once again lay hands on her. The fact that a back or side door would serve this purpose much better has never, to my knowledge, entered the discussion.)

Well, Christine got her door. But she didn’t get in 2012, and no marriage counselor was involved. It happens that the permit for remodeling her home – including adding the door — was obtained in 2008. If Palo Alto is like other municipalities, the permit would be good for six months, with an option for a six-month extension. So the door must have been added at that time. And in fact, photographic evidence exists showing the new door in place in 2011, a year before Blasey Ford claims that it nearly destroyed her marriage.

Furthermore, there is evidence suggesting that the house in question was rented out by Blasey Ford to “Google interns” and that no one in her family lived there. In addition, somebody was running a business there (a “couples therapy” clinic, ironically enough – the “Couples Research Center.” There’s that word “research” again.), and that the door was added as an entrance to the business, rather than as a Kavanaugh-evasion device.

While these claims might appear minor in isolation, together they form a pattern recognizable and undeniable. There will no doubt be others coming, but three is all we need, according to the wisdom of Auric Goldfinger: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

A lot of print and commentary, both online and otherwise, has argued that Blasey Ford is credible, convincing, and sympathetic. Even her opponents hold that “something must have happened” to explain her behavior. But to believe this, we have to toss all standards of truth out the window. We have to postulate that a lie is not a lie, a liar is not a liar. We have to slip into a pure postmodern, nothing-is-certain, all-truth-is-relative mode. Without that, Blasey Ford is approximately as convincing as Julie Swetnick.

She is not a sympathetic figure. She is not a confused, traumatized victim attempting to grapple with the fragmented memories of a past incident. The record clearly reveals that this to be nonsense. She is a malicious liar who has put herself at the service of malignant political clique for the purpose of undercutting the stated will and intentions of the people of this country.

It is a simple fact that Kavanaugh’s accusers on the committee are proven liars – Feinstein in withholding the letter in the first place (not to mention denying how it became public), Booker concerning his good friend T-Bone, along with his “Spartacus moment”, Blumenthal concerning his heroism in Vietnam. The stunning irony here is that Judge Kavanaugh is demonstrably more honest than any of his accusers.

This is the central truth of the Kavanaugh case. It must be hammered relentlessly, to the point where it can no longer be evaded. It must be repeated every time we’re told that “women don’t lie”. Every time someone flaunts a t-shirt reading “I Believe Her”. Every time we hear another obtuse blurt from Pelosi or Hirono. I must be repeated until it becomes the default, the meme that crowds everything else out: that the truth is not in Christine Blasey Ford, and that she is condemned by her own words.

Case closed.

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