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Cassie M Fredrickson, California

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Cassie M Fredrickson is a tweaker w****. This nasty cranked out b**** rubbed it in my face that she was screwing my boyfriend. She wrecked my car, harassed me, sent me shameful evidence of their affair, then tried to act all innocent after he left her. Roughly two months later I find messages and nude pics in his phone from her til he eventually gave in. He’s a low life son of a b****. A weak, cowardice bastard. But Cassie, she’s a wicked c*** with nothing but STDs and bad karma in her future. As for me-yeah, it’s wrong of me to post this and maybe I’ll regret it later. But that s*** ruined my dream of having a family, caused emotional duress, and just gets away with it. Did I mention I’m nearly 8 mo pregnant with my first child??? That dirty b****, a “mother” herself, didn’t give a s***. No, she’s proud of herself. She can keep the piece of s*** and they can be dope fiend losers together basking in their glory of shittiness.

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