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Carolyn Seale, Cleveland, Tennessee

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Today is my 16th anniversary, and I am spending it in deep and agonizing emotional pain, because instead of being with me, my wife is with this woman. They work together and are engaged in an adulterous relationship. That is not a typo, Ms. Seale is having an affair with my heretofore heterosexual wife. Since Ms. Seale is a supervisor at her current employer, future employers may want to consider her lack of moral character and the potential for sexual harassment lawsuits. What is so difficult to understand? Divorced or single woman=OK, Married woman=NOT OK. Married people are off limits! Another reason I expose this here today is my hope that the larger homosexual community that is knee deep in fighting for the legal right to get married will now prove they value marriage by criticizing and speaking out against any individual, whether gay or straight, that violates the community standard of respecting marital relationships. If marriage isnt to be a respected institution, then what is the gay community even fighting for? Flip that around, and if you want respect for gay marriage then you really need to demonstrate respect for ALL marriage.

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