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Caroline Orr Richmond , Virginia

First Name : Caroline
Last Name : Orr
Gender : F
Age : 33
City : Richmond
State : VA
Country : US

Antifa loving, far left, communist! Avoid this piece of s**t!

Caroline Orr, otherwise known as “Caroline O” appearing on Twitter under the moniker @RVAWonk, is a well known man-hater, open lesbian, and avowed Communist who hates conservatives, men, christians, and anyone else not in favor of her liberal progressive communist agenda.

She bills herself as a “Behavioral Scientist, ‘ but everyone knows that the most insane sick people, who have deep-seated problems of their own, choose fields where they try to both understand themselves, and project/gaslight their own issues on to others.

Caroline Orr also defends Antifa; a violent, far left hate group of thugs, who are world known for brutally attacking people they disagree with.

In other words, Caroline Orr is the only one with “behavior issues.”

She is a mentally insane, angry feminazi, and she should be exposed for who she is.

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