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CaLina Sparrer Francis 12/9/75 Mesa, Arizona & Fort Worth, Texas

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Please Tell all men, this is a stalking women!
CaLina Francis of Fort Worth, Texas is a worthless mother, left her 3 kids to move to Arizona to chase me. I dated her for 2 years.
I left her cause she’s a drunk, lives to be in guys faces, always on Facebook groups gossip box, she’s a name dropper. Who’s she sleep with, how many times they fuck, how good she suck dick! She’s dating several Guys like Flozell Adams former fat OL for Dallas Cowboys #76, she’s also sleeping with Former Fat Basketball player Oliver Miller, and many others. She’s a former TCU HornFrog toss up! I’m sure glad I found out that thus THOT wasn’t worth my time. Yes, I cheated on her. Cause she’s a worthless mother and women.
She drinks a lot, then don’t go to work and sleeps with different guys every night.
@calinafr say away from this white trash.

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