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California, Huntington Beach

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Wow! StellaMarie Morton just got slammed by Paul Milovich. It’s not at all who she is. I know Paul Milovich and I know Stella Marie Morton. I know he took checks from her and wrote them to himself. I know that he scratched his own face and then called the police, however they did not press charges against her. Why? Because the Judge saw her injuries He’s gave her a black eye, which a co-worker witnessed. She divorced him and I know for a fact and will post my legal document that he told me he scratched his own face. You will find NOTHING on her record. Her mistake was letting him stay with her. She felt sorry for him and he ended up a crack head, porn addicted weirdo. Stella Morton is my daughter and I told her to leave him or she would be found in a trash can. He is a mental case who has had a history of violence. He claim he was in the army. HE WAS DISCHARGED this is how he turns things around. She would work and he would ride his bike all day. He robbed her and his ex girlfriend I know this because she emailed my daughter and told her this. His ex girlfriend also was his boss, he had to leave his job. You can’t work for your ex and be married! He claims he had a truck REPO man got that he was behind before she met him. From what I know he stoled my daughter’s car, money and tried to get rid of her by TRYING YO OUT HER IN JAIL so he could stay at her loft she paid for. He is a loser. All anyone has to do is ask his ex wife, his GF before my daughter and a few cops THEY ALL SAY HE IS A NUT JOB. SO HEY PAUL MILOVICH, TELL THE TRUTH YOU ARE A LOSER, LIAR, THEIF AND NEVER TOOK CARE OF YOUR OWN KIDS AND TOLD MY DAUGHTER SOMETHING INWILL NOT REPEAT THAT YOU WISH WOULD HAPPEN TO HER SON! Who does that? You. You do that. You are sick

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