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Caitlin King

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-shes Known all over milton/mississauga
-had a bf for 8yrs, cheated on him with atleast 2-3 diff guys on the side.
– only fucks BARE, Lets niggaz nut inside her WHILE she had a bf.
– apparently onetime she invited one of her tings over, while her ‘bf’ was there (he didnt suspect anything/know of their encountes) so she did coke with all of them, and she gave her ‘bf’ extra lines to get him high off his mind to the point he went upstairs and left her and the side ting’ alone, so she fucked him while he was upstairs….
– onetime invited one of her other ‘side tings’ over while her ‘bf’ was at work, he smashed her upstairs, on HIS Bed, while she let him nut inside her as she called him DADDY.
– bf eventually kicked her ass out so now the she sleeps wit his so called “boy” and now ‘in a relationship” with him lmao scum.
– her so called “new bf” is an insecure fat ass fuckboy who controls everything she does. (she only with him for the $$)
– speculations that she now Escorts on the low, and her “bf” buys her the rooms. (holiday in, motel 6, four points)
-has a thing for ‘BBC’ (wants to get ran a train on, thats if she hasnt already)
-fucked some 30yr old nigga who lives at his parents house still…
-none the less, shes known to be a huge golddigger, only stays “in a relationship” for the attention n moneyi. shes a selfish bitch who only really cares about herself, shes a VERY good liar, and has the ability to make you believe anything she says, hence why shes an ‘actor’..
-she tries really hard at making herself look & seem very ‘innocent” just to get her way.
-very manipulative & deceiving.
-a really huge whore when it comes to sex.
– loves to take pics/vids as ALL her ‘side tings’ seem to have pics/vids of her.
-in conclusion shes a really damaged, insecure chick who relies on attention, money and lots of dick to make herself feel better.

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