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Bruce Henning, Phoenix, Arizona

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Bruce Henning 67 year old is a sick old man spending his golden years creeping on Craigslist,POF,Married and Looking, AshleyMadison, InstaBang,and AdultfriendFinder desperately searching for random unprotected sexual encounters with men and women. He will say and do anything to feed his perversed sexual needs such as; scat play,drinking urine, cuckold,bisexual,young girls,pic collector,and bartering for sexual favors to name a few.He is involved with married women while in committed relationships for years.He trys to portray himself as a well off man residing in EXTREME SOUTH/ EAST Phoenix whom is shy and looking for whatever his pray seeks.(LTR or sexual encounters) I have experienced Bruces true colors and consider him a dangerous individual who has exposed not only himself, but me and others to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. He is a pathological liar telling people he is single,that he has cancer, lying about his whereabouts,and his sexual orientation.Bruce has a long history of mental illness with abusive behavior. He is a MASTER MANIPULATOR and blames everyone else for his unfortunate situations that he continuesly gets himself into.Know that Bruce Henning is not who he claims to be!


9 thoughts on “Bruce Henning, Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Bruce Henning,
    OH funny how this finally surfaced.Bruce has been around a very long time behaving badly.I met him when he was still married to Roxanne.(obviously not knowing because he lies!) I guess he still can’t settle down.God he’s gotta be about 70.Plumbing is still working? ha,ha,ha. I can laugh now,but yes this pretty much sums it up and probally a lot more that we don’t know. Sorry you encountered this insensitive,self absorbed,distructive person.

  2. Bruce Henning
    Oh my he’s been around forever playing this game with women. I met Bruce Henning when he was still married to Roxanne. Of course I didn’t know because he lied to me. Shouldn’t he be like 70 years old by now.I’m shocked that at his age all his plumbing is still in working order.ha,ha,ha. Sorry dear you got involved with this self absorbed abusive loser. I have to say I did enjoy reading all the crap about him because he really deserves to be exposed he’s a real jerk. Much more to this guy then meets the eye he has issues and many sexual vices. Good Luck to you!

  3. Sick to my stomach. I thought he was a nice man until I found out what he was really like.If you search his name Bruce Henning Cheater or Bruce Henning STD’s,Bruce Henning Silverbh.49 things he’s tried to bury comes up.

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