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Brittany Coudriet Phoenix, Arizona

First Name : Brittany
Last Name : Coudriet
Gender : F
Age : 32
City : Phoenix
State : AZ
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (602)435-4313
Website 1 : click to view website

This is being posted by someone who actually knows her very well as I actually work with her. I have all kinds of i side information that I plan to start sharing with those who need to know. Brittany is a lier and a thief and most importantly she believes her lies and lives in them. She called and emailed her ex fiancés family and friends to tell them he was on drugs. After talking and telling lies to his new girlfriend about STDs and him cheating and him doing all kinds of things. Brittany was the cheater not her fiancé. She will fight to tell you otherwise though.

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