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Brian Rathfelder, Bakersfield, California – You cant trust this guy.

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Brian Rathfelder searches internet dating sites like NoStringsAttached and facebook for woman to date for sex. He has multiple emails and user alias names he goes by PlatoRasta, Ming27, EatYourAssOut, and etc. This man has been a cheater since he was 17.. hes known for beating up women, even his own mom! Just a low down dirty shame, dont have much to say, we met on a NoStringsAttached, He is horrible in bed, cant even keep his dick hard. All he does is smoke weed and sleep around. Just a guy wanting sex from Radom women. He gets naked for underage gals and guys What a douchebag, nothing but a stinky ass and watch out he has something you dont want to catch. He will take whats yours and act like its his. He is a dead beat that lives off of his mommy. You cant trust this guy. He will hurt you. He is abusive and you have been warned. Don’t trust him with money especially, like I said, he steals.

3 thoughts on “Brian Rathfelder, Bakersfield, California – You cant trust this guy.

  1. I know Brian, and he is a total cheating p.o.s. He lied all the time, and definitely doesn’t know the meaning of loyalty, but he never stole from me or was physically abusive. Someone emailed this link to me, please contact me again to discuss this STD you claim he has

  2. I know Brian very well, and you can see my post about him on cheaterville. I know what an untrustworthy pathological p.o.s. he is, but he never was abusive to me or stole from me. I’m assuming you sent me the link, so please contact me again. I want to know what STD he supposedly has or gave to you

  3. Idk who posted this but Brian is accusing me of it and I’m not a coward like that. If I’m going to say something my name would be attached to it and I wouldn’t lie. The truth is always better. Saying someone has an STD when they don’t and freaking out others that have slept with them is scandalous and wrong. I know for a fact that prior to January 5, 2015 Brian did not have any STD’s

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