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Brian McCarthy ,Houma,Louisiana

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I consider myself a very good read of people but for some reason ignored the red flags, yes that was because he talked a good game. Says all the right things does all the right things (says he wants to be with you yada yada yada.) And when in all actuality he he’s married. (her name is Dorothy and she’s actually pretty cool). And apparently he has done this kind of thing numerous times before and has multiple girls he’s pulling this stunt on right now. His name is Brian he is 6’6″ he works for quality offshore services and is staying in the houma area (as of Monday not with me anymore) really don’t want someone Else to fall for his game…

4 thoughts on “Brian McCarthy ,Houma,Louisiana

  1. Update – August 2017 he is now in Tampa Florida. I had the most intense 2 weeks of my life with him. I don’t let my guard down easily – he had my heart on a platter the first time with him. I can only assume he is even more experienced with his charm & baby blue eyes. I thought he was the man of my dreams till he took off one day while I was in the shower. He must have found a fresh victim on the dating website. I have to have faith that karma in life will take care of this scum bag. Hope it’s soon so he doesn’t break many more hearts

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