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Brett Grant Chesterland , Ohio

First Name : Brett
Last Name : Grant
Gender : M
Age : 21
City : Chesterland
State : OH
Country : US

He is verbally and physically abusive, has had a restraining order on him for abusing his babies mama. He is a cheater, Has anger issues, is controlling manipulative, a narcissists also has many mental health issues. is still living off and with his dad and does nothing to help out not even clean up his or his sons mess around the house. he can’t hold a job or get a job due to his drug and computer game addiction. His father supports him and his 2 year old son in every way possible. He also likes to stalk women he will not leave you alone once you talk to him. He will beg for nudes, you will have to call the police to get him to stop. This guy will someday kill a woman

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