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Bret Lee Antonucci aka “Rico”

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Biggest narcissist ever. With this man five years and had a child by him who he will never see again. Not only will he lie to you and tell you he loves you, he WILL cheat and get in his drunken rages and try to come after you and put his hands on you like you’re another man. This man is a complete liar, and thinks it’s his life’s mission to fuck up women’s lives bc he was hurt in his past by one. He will never love anyone again but himself and will give you a lifelong virus if youre not careful about checking him each and every time your intimate. He’s great at getting people to think he cares, only to be able to ruin their lives and sit back and laugh at you for ever believing his lies in the first place. I only wish I had been warned about who this man truly is before he turned my whole world upside down

3 thoughts on “Bret Lee Antonucci aka “Rico”

  1. Bret is my baby brother. He got killed in a car wreck May 12, 2017. Me nor my other brothers n sisters even know who u are. I know my brother did wrong in life but was trying to straighten his life out before he died. Feel free to contact me 8432607500

    1. I agree with U.. Bret is my baby brother n is gone. The family n his kids r hurt enought then to see this crap on the net

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