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Brent Thomas Sutherlin Bloomington, Indiana

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Brent Sutherlin is a liar and manipulator. He was seeing at least one other woman behind my back and kept telling me they were “just friends.” He is also a leach. He used both of us just to get free meals at restaurants, and have a place to sleep, etc. He is technically homeless, and can’t hold a job and is using any woman he can right now to get a free ride. He is also using his sob story of how bad his ex was to him to get sympathy and wrangle women in.

Beware of him! He has a temper and if you call him out on his BS, he gets mad and turns everything around on you like it’s all your fault.

I am pretty sure he is currently seeing yet another woman, so be warned. He is still talking to that ex that was “so bad” to him too…he wants her back.

One thought on “Brent Thomas Sutherlin Bloomington, Indiana

  1. I would like this taken down, as it is disrespectful to the man in question. I know who you are and would appreciate the consideration of taking this defamatory post down. This man didnt result to this and you shouldnt have either. This was a low blow to someone who is already damaged. Please, only you the poster can remove the post, so please do so. Now that this has been out there, the damage is already done. There will be legal action if needed. Thank you.

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