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Brandi Marie Columbus Ohio

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This girl used me for everything. Long story short I bought her a used car to get to her work, we got an apartment together she had me give her so much money all the time because she “was struggling financially” but when she never moved into our apartment while even being on the lease, she never even helped me move my stuff in, she would even come over while I was off work to fuck me every time. She said she needed a little more time until she was ready to move in. So one day she left her Facebook open on my laptop after she left and I found her messages between her and her kids dad about them fucking and being together also. I called her out on it and she turned on me real quick and her “other boyfriend” was there and threatened me. Even after all that went down she still came over the next day and fucked me saying she was sorry and didn’t want him. I tried a little longer hoping like an idiot then just had to put a stop to it. I called it off.

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