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Bobbie Jo Zimmerman, Dayton Ohio

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I recently was starting to have panic attacks and anxiety attacks.. Bobbie Jo Zimmerman had stolen my father’s money. She fooled my father got him to sign her power of attorney. She was stealing my fathers money and selling his guns and other stuff that she could get her hands on. She took him to an attorney and was made Power of Attorney over his estate. Bobbie Zimmerman sure had him fooled. When my mother died this whore went to the nursing home and stolen my mother’s last dime. She had only 83.00 in her account..this whore took it all. How in the hell can someone like this would steal from a dead person. This whore even stole my father guns and took his money. Don’t Believe a word she says. Its all lies. She is whats you would call a pathological lier and a whore. She loves to be the center of attention. She has 2 twin daughters she will use them against you, feeds you more lies about her and she even makes the twins lie to you, tells sobbing stories which are more lies. She has herpes so beware. She will spread them and tells you hasn’t been with many men which are more lies. She will make you fall for her feed you every line in the book ad open doors for you to make you feel you are the one. I have also confronted her on a couple of occasions and she just can’t seem to get it through her fat brain that flirting or messaging a married man is wrong especially when you send her pictures of yourself!!
Bobbie Jo Zimmerman
Dayton Ohio
Groovy Lady

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