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bob dakha port coquitlam, –

First Name : bob
Last Name : dakha
Gender : M
Age : 53
City : port coquitlam
State : -
Country : CA
Email :
Phone : (236)880-1625

This psycho pretended he had been seperated for years and living alone then I find out that not only is he living with his wife but he has 4 kids !I let him stay with me because his wife found out and kicked him out. Big mistake!He drives while drunk and stoned. He starts drinking when he gets up in the morning.Trash talks his own family.Deals drugs.smells like s**t.I finally kicked him to the curb but he kept coming back begging and begging.I would somehow get conned and take him back again because he is such a pathetic child like person then i would get fed up and kick him to the curb again.Every time his wife would welcome him back with open arms thinking everyone would think she is a martyr instead of the desperate doormat she really is. Last straw was when someone called me and said if I didnt stay away from him his family would kill me!!I ran as fast as I could and trust me I learned my lesson.No more psychos for me

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