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Bo Dana Rupert – Coffeyville, Kansas

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Meet Bo Dana Rupert. He was in a relationship with my good friend and they had plans to marry. My friend was in the hospital having lifesaving surgery. The day his fiancée was having surgery, this scumbag was looking for anal sex and someone to spank his butt with a hairbrush on Craigslist. He hooked up with girls and guys through Facebook too. My friend paid all the bills while Bo was playing on the Internet and trying to hook up with any hole he could find. He is extremely violent and abusive and a diagnosed schizophrenic (unmedicated). Steer clear of this lying cheater. Just google his name and you’ll see this psycho in action. A Centralia, WA police officer even had a restraining order against him. Ladies beware of Bo “The Senator” Rupert. He will use you for whatever you have while he’s screwing other girls behind your back.

9 thoughts on “Bo Dana Rupert – Coffeyville, Kansas

  1. Hahahahaaha……this is so untrue. I have known Bo for years. What a joke? Look up Karla Elaine Carroll of Goodview Minnesota. That is who posted this.

    1. Bo never had a job while Karla provides for him. He had one job at subway for 10 days before he was fired for stealing. He was physically and mentally abusive to her – taking her cell phone and preventing her from calling 911 when he kept her up all night hitting her and screaming at her. I’m glad she got away from this controlling psycho!!

  2. I’ve known Bo for a couple of years now. This seems very accurate in my opinion. Bo has stolen from me and logged in to Internet porn on my computer. He is unstable and needs to be supervised if you don’t want things missing from your house.

  3. I have a restraining order against Bo for stalking me. He made fake Craigslist ads and Oates my private numbers online for everyone to call. He abused his ex fiancée and she now has a DV restraining order against Bo too. Bo is unstable and very dangerous to those who don’t share his personal and polotical views.

  4. This is so untrue. JG is Jessie Garman who publicly posted about 20 nude photos of Bo she had gotten from Karla. Jessie cheats on her husband all the time.

  5. I was Bo’s teacher when he was incarcerated. I tried my best Rio greet through to him. He is highly narcissistic and unruly. His temper usually gets the best of him and he reacts very violently to criticism. I feel so bad for his ex (Karla). She put up with Bo’s abusive behavior until he almost took her life. Please heed my warning and stay away from Both Rupert. He’s nothing but trouble and you’ll regret getting involved with him.

  6. I am the real Jessie garman. I have not and will not engage in anything to do with this person, and I am not the JG that posted above. I want nothing to do with him, and I have not and will not EVER post about him. I have a three year restraining order against him (even though he has violated it over three hundred times). I will continue being the better person and never publicly post any thing about his personal life. It is none of my business and I hope he will grow up and quit lying about me. I hope he gets the help he deserves.

  7. Lyin’ Jessie Garman always has to play innocent. Of Course she would post about my personal life. after all that is why her and I are at odds. But, Thats ok! One day when she is in the morgue or ICU she will wish she had stopped two years ago when I asked politely!

    1. Hmmm…false reporting?? That’s lying to law enforcement. And these charges were when Bo called the FBI on his brother because of his jealousy.

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