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Blake Heitman, Beebe, Arkansas

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I was dating Blake Heitman for 5 months. Everything was all fine and dandy. He did things for my parents and I like take us to our appointments since we cant drive, take my mom to the grocery store on Stamps day, RUSHED ME TO THE HOSPITAL when I had gallbladder surgery, and other nice things. He even asked my parents for their blessings to marry me. Anyhow, he was acting really shady at the end of our relationship. He texted me saying oh how can you cope with not seeing me since Ill be in college in a few months. and that confused me. So I called him and talked to him and he said we should not speak for 2 weeks to see how it is not speaking to each other. I said OK. So Monday came around and I saw that he changed his Facebook pics (cover and profile, it was us) and I was confused. I texted him and he broke up with me and blocked me on Face Book. A few weeks later I made a fake FaceBook account and looked on his profile AND LOSE AND BEHOLD he was with another chick. The status update was the day he said to not talk for 2 weeks. And boy was the FUGGY!!! He basically went from Jennifer Lawrence to Honey Boo Boos mom. I then put 2 and 2 together, he was acting shady with his phone WHICH HE NEVER DID, and he didn’t come by to see me on the Thursday he said he would come to see me. This wasn’t even man enough to bring back my dads fishing gear that was in his trunk of his dark green Mustang. He didn’t even have to come to my door, he could meet up with my dad somewhere else. But hey I got a free laptop and flat screen out of that. He got a fugly. HAHAAHAHAHA Randy Marsh from South Park voice* SCORE!

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