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Billy Lee Scott Bend, OR USA

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He has done so much to our family. He shattered it and I never saw it coming. Billy and I have been married 9 years. I grew up in a horrible situation and it has been my goal to always make sure my family is supported and taken care of. I didn’t even want a relationship when I met him but he worked his way into my heart by being amazing with my children from previous relationship. They loved him and he seemed to have a way with them. So we married and created a family. We has a little boy in 2012 and about a year later he changed. He quit talking to me or opening up to me at all. He refused to tell me his feelings or what he needed.from me to help him. So he began an emotional affair with another woman. I am not sure when it started. I trusted him completely so I never thought he would do this. I do not even know if she knew about us or even if she does now . He clearly doesn’t give a craps about this family.
On May 14 he moved into his dad’s house, cleaned out the bank account, and never.looked back. Since he has moved out, he has continued to behave hurtfully and with no concern for anyone’s feelings. He said he didn’t know our daughter when he ran into her downtown. He is take my vehicle, he shut off my phone service, .he called the landloard to get his name off of the lease, and the same day we move is when he changed his number. If there is an emergency with one of the children, he doesn’t want to be contacted. He completely moved on in a blink of an eye and left us with nothing. After 9 years together I expected a little more respect but because his attitude and behavior has changed so drastically recently I am convinced he is using drugs. I can’t prove it, but I am not taking any chances with my kids safety. Please ladies, do not let this man fool you like he fooled me nd our children. Save yourself the pain and don’t waste your time.

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