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Bill Stuck, bay city michigan

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Bill is a cheater and will always be. Sneaky and slick. He will verbally abuse to throw you off his trail. And when caught he had a list of excuses to blame you. He is a herpes carrier and doesn’t tell new victims.

2 thoughts on “Bill Stuck, bay city michigan

  1. Bill is a monster. Selfish and justifies being verbally abusive. I told him about being abused as a child. I never had the courage to tell anyone. He laughed and made fun of me with a girl he was screwing. The smile on his face was the biggest I had ever seen. Have me chills, a true monster with no heart.

  2. This guy is a human stain. Cheater abuser and herpes carrier. Spends his time at work on line dating and sending Dick pics, then jerking it in the bathroom. Drunk driving hit and run. And if the little pissy has more than 2 beers he pisses the bed like a baby.

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