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Javon Monique Johnson
This girl is a cheater, a liar and con artist.
I am going to start if by saying I was stupid for believing her shit. Meet her on p.o.f she said she has her own business and home. Come to find out she lived with her mother and “business partner” who was actually the dude she was giving for years. Who was acting her ex girlfriend man. Who was the dude she told me raped her and got her pregnant. Yea,This girl have all legal paper for a so call lawn and tree service that never existed called lawn girls lawn service that never existed. My mother let us use her criedt card to get clothes for her kids for school and she asked to return some things and get some shoes when I was at work took the card run up a 2,000 dollars worth of debt. One being a ring use to as me to marry her. Stole my s.s. got her light bill in my name I could do nothing about that but turn it off. Stole that ring pawned it and other things I owned like my t.v. she would buy me things and them turn around and sell it like my phones, car and tablets. This girl is the worst bi sexuel and does work uses you and yours and don’t care about you. Please if you date her be careful.

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