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Barry Lee Taylor alias Barry Eugene Edwards; Hull Street Road, SS Plaza Richmond, VA USA

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Any woman in Richmond area beware of this duplicitous liar and thief!  Dealt with this pathological pedophile for 7 years. Has 7+ kids that he pretends to take care of,  all the while his mom who he dumped 2 on from birth, takes care of their food, clothes,  room and board while he walks around with the food stamp card in his pocket stating on a regular she doesn’t have it because she’s wasteful, as if I haven’t known her for 7 years and have helped her more than he ever will.  I forgot to mention the 2 kids were a product of his then 41 year old ass sleeping with a 16 year old child from Midlothian village project. Sleeping with her in her mama’s house,  giving the mother money to rape her child.  Disgusting bastard! 1st child at 16, 2nd at 17. Which after 6 years into taking care of the first one he found out the teen was just as much a ho as he was and being sold to more men than just him bloodtest-NEGATIVE.  Which he only took a test because he was fighting his mom about paying child support!  Now, he went to court and blatantly lied on his mom, who just let him lie, and got the court to award him custody FOR SHOW. Since court he’s had them physically a total of a week in the 5 months after she’s had them 7 and 8 years.  Found him hooking up with first name only females with diseases on OK CUPID and Ulust without a condom, this mind you after 5.5 years of pretending.  Went to my doctor with some odd symptoms,  he confirmed the nasty whore who kept saying -” You Crazy!, it’s all in your mind” had passed not 1 but 2 STDs like typical low class whores do. He had the audacity to say the doctor didn’t know what he was talking about, those things natually generate in a womans body!! He said I dont have anything; that is until I took his dusty 47 year old ass to the free clinic as of course his low budget ass has no insurance.  It’s AMAZING how you meet a person and EVERY SINGLE THING about the person you meet is a LIE!  He even lied about his name, I guess not wanting me to find out he did 12+ years in a federal prison. He’d stolen my iPad,  I asked about if for 4 months,  he swore up and down he never saw it. Accused my daughter her friends. My daughter has 2 of her own and no longer lived at home. 4 months later I go in a file at his barbershop and there is my iPad!  His crackhead explanation: he wanted to see if I remembered leaving it there. I have 2 ipads; 1 for home,  1 for travel. He stole the home one and hid it for 4 months hoping I’d eventually forget what I knew-he stole it!   Jewelry missing,  money stolen. Beats headphones. My daughters friends ipod. Found in his stolen goods. He sold an iPhone of mine to a friend of ours and forgot to erase my pictures, otherwise I would never have known where that went. Summary: during the course of dealing with this fake, diseased pedophile liar. He’s stolen from me,  passed 2 STDS, had 2 kids with another 20 year old and pays $76 a month child support for both and has no idea or care where they may be.  His oldest daughter is the same age as the teenage girl that had the kids.  He is a broke ass clown and a coward borrowing money from me to flip cars.  That long since ended. I wouldnt loan him half a penny if it meant his life. He drives multiple cars, pretending he has an existence far from what’s real!  He is currently driving a Cadillac, a Lexus a white SUV, and whatever else he can flip for someone else.  Tags are never valid so he switches them from car to cars as he has NO LICENSE.  I offered to pay half of his DMV costs to get his license reinstated.  That wasn’t as much a priority as catching diseases and having more kids to add to the welfare recipient list.  If a man child sits on his mother’s porch and watches her cut grass while he flips through a magazine, she has to take the trash to the curb though he stayed there whenever whomever he was using at the moment put him out  as he believes like at his mother’s home he should be able to reside for free as long as all his personal possessions are not in the house (more crackhead intellect) Him standing there,  she has to bring grocery bags in the house and her laundry and pay for his food when we all go out to eat….she’s raised a worthless soon to be 49 year old boy and I should have ran when she repeatedly said he was worthless, a pathological liar and that he kept confrontation and drama going. This troll will leave trash piled in the yard for weeks. The grass and weeds are literally waste high; to the point the landlord has to ask if we want him to have someone come by? This broke degenerate faded ass gold teeth bastard had the audacity to say this 80 year old man can come do it, if that’s what he wants to do.  Any man who treats his mom like shit, dumps kids on her and gives her nothing though she doesn’t work is one that will definitely have a judgment day!  That’s not even including the 16 year old that he abused and has issues today in her 20s and receives a check, or all the kids he has no regard for….just another nut.  I pray for him daily-I won’t say what I pray, just that I do-day and night for 2 years strong.  If you EVER encounter this MONSTER,  don’t look, don’t listen and If you do, hide any electronics you don’t use often as he thinks you won’t notice it’s gone. If you have kids, hide everything of there’s.  And use 3 condoms at once because the last thing you want or need, is to find out this bastard gave you an incurable STD ecause that’s NOW what he has! He lies but I have the medical records that he attempted to hide to PROVE IT! IHe  pretends to be vegetarian- LIES for show. Religious, Muslim- More lies. HE IS SATAN! He pretends to be knowledgeable and well versed-things I now believe only memorized to speak on and impress on initial contact and dates.  An absolute illiterare pants sagging, as$ out, crack showing hat turned to the side 49 in October moron! He doesn’t even feel he should have to buy toilet paper,  paper towels.  I’d buy 3 months supply, it runs out and he walks in with one roll that he got from his mama’s house or shop or I can get some from my man weeks later-CLOWN! Toilet or sink clogs he pretends he doesn’t notice.  There are no words to describe how truly worthless, selfish, ignorant he is. My dog had a puppy. Puppy 6 weeks old- he’ll step across tge poop 20 times. Currently the house is a disaster. He thought I was his mama; trash, dishes-I dont cook period! His goodwill, auction shit everywhere! He leaves out early come back late thinking I’m the maid. Whenever I suggest cleaning as he doesnt do SH!T ELSE, his response: I gotta run out, youget started I’ll be back! B!TCH NAW!! Just BEWARE! I adored him when we first met,  now you couldn’t pay me a billion  dollars to give a damn if he never took another breath! Goes by B, Barry Edwards-real name is Barry Taylor. 49 in October. Phone number ends with 804-***2469. Always wears black satin cap under a baseball cap or wool hat. T-shirt with jeans or shorts may or may not have on a black barber jacket. A few bent gold teeth at top; rest of his teeth are nice. Cleft in his chin, feet look like Godzilla/werewolf combined.  Prowls around Southside Plaza asking for phone numbers,  looking for easy access as his shop is across the street, which one of the females #s I found said they had sex in one of his many cars and in the barbershop- female he met at the gas station 3 weeks before-no condom used! He told her his girlfriend had moved to Texas 3 months before. She never dealt with him again and called when he attempted to call and text her again! Real chick like Me! He also prowls downtown, VCU area.  Always looking for someone unattractive
or rather that he feels has low self esteem, naive and able to be manipulated without much kickback to not wearing condoms and lies and his FREQUENT disappearing acts! Phone always on silent or dead when around or pretending it’s some male, of course,  he knows that’s bothering him. Or has to step outside or has to call you right back if you’re calling!  Never in 7 + years has he EVER plugged the phone on a charger at home unless he’s holding it or I was in the shower. Only once or twice recently now that we have seperate rooms but will grab it if I walk in.   Yet still, he  has the audacity to think that he can sneak in my room whenever he wants for sex, with his “I’m entitled” delusional a$s!…..Nigga cross back over into broke black b!tch land already where men like you who don’t have shit and think they will obtain it because they are b!tches, reside. Never takes pictures, unless you don’t tell him and he tries to erase them if he sees it. This was is on mother’s day. However if you expand one was a week ago at Silver Diner, and in the car. Stolen shots except mother’s day.

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