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Barbie Joan Cozby, 536 Holly Grove Drive, Anacoco, La. 71403, United States

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Barbie Joan Cozby is the hugest whore to come out of Anacoco/Leesville area. Barbie is a 5’7, 47 year old red head. Barbie hangs out at local bars and does her hunting on internet dating sites like Plenty of Fish. Barbie has used, lyed and has had sex with untold amounts of men. Young, old, single, married, black, white, and more than one at the same time. Barbie is a pill head who also loves meth, weed, crack, you name it. Barbie has cheated on all three of her ex husbands, boyfriends and fiance’s. I was one of them. Barbie drives an old white Chevy Malibu and a 2011 silver Ford Mustang. Barbie cheated on me with no less than three men while she was with me for six months. Jason Shields, a married fireman in Alabama. Mark in Alexandria. Kenneth Lawson in Glenmore. Matter of fact Barbie had sex with Kenneth Lawson the weekend before she dumped me. Same night that she dumped me. Barbie has all kinds of so male friends that call and text her nude pics. There not just friends there FWB. Barbie acts like a lady and tell you not to be jealous. Nope, Barbie is a full throttle whore and so is all of her bar fly girlfriends. I have pics to prove it.

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