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avery darneil yancey garrison maryland usa

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singing marine with no integrity. he may dress sharp but he has forked tongue sharper than a 2 edge sword. he will prey on your trust,honesty, and patience with the sob story of how is exwife cheated on him with a coworker. he wil convince you he is all you and him and the trust and love between you is what he has longed for. but just as yo begin to plan you future together, and he will share moments or event with your family…. he will pretend to have a ptsd moment, as he need time to process through this alone. yet another lie, just a facade so he may balance another woman into his game. I have know this true “deviled” dawg for years and the game is old. he will prey as long as it takes just to get what he wants, then vanish into the alternate world of another lie.

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