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Autumn P Muskogee , Oklahoma

First Name : Autumn
Last Name : P
Gender : F
Age : 99
City : Muskogee
State : OK
Country : US

So this chick Autumn Perry is a player, did nothing but be a narcissistic, lying, extremely immature person. She can’t see the world but only thru her eyes, very self centered (me, me, me.) She f****d her bestfriend when we broke up after I moved, she also f****d his cousin too. Can’t keep her legs shut to save the world. She gets tired of ppl real quick so if she sees you can be f****d over she will do so. Mentally unstable/ w daddy issues, can’t grasp the concept of a real relationship because mentally she’s still a high school hoe trying to talk to anyone she can. Huge s*x freak and would sleep with anyone with a p***s lol… Super loud she a freak when she c u m it like a waterfall lol decent b***s

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