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Autumn Delahoussaye , gaithersburg maryland, USA

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Autumn Delahoussaye is a lying slut
she cheats on every man she’s with and she always says shes loyal but it’s a lie
she will give nudes to anyone no matter how young, or old, or who they’re affiliated with
she is a racist and she has an instagram account filled with photos of the charleston shooter @snugglyghost
she is a hybristophilliac shes attracted to people who do bad things no matter how bad a crime
her screen names are usually @snugglyghost, @snugglyghostt, @cowwmilk, @autumndelahoussaye,
she dates lowlifes and pedophiles too
she has a daddy kink and she flirts with people who are way too fucking old for her, she has a best friend named Zahira @ib_fujimoto
she’s the only friend she has and they both treat each other like shit but they only stay around each other because Zahira knows if she exposes Autumn as a racist and a slut she’ll have no other friends
Autumn gets all her shit from Zahira’s mom because her mom Phyllis and dad Gerald don’t do shit for her they’re all white trash inbreds don’t trust these thots her mother works for montgomery county public schools and she can get her ass fired

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