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Audrey Bitoni, Anaheim, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Audrey Bitoni (born August 16, 1986) who is an adult actress, female adult performer or female adult entertainer is hereby to be noted as being blacklisted, condemned, and denounced for her racism and skin color prejudice against African-American men or Black men especially. This female adult performer’s racism has expressed itself in her cruel hatred and vicious and malicious detest of these men’s skin color and skin pigmentation as a whole. Audrey Bitoni comes from Anaheim, Los Angeles, California (others say Pasadena, California but no matter) and goes by another alias known simply as Audri Bitoni. Her original name is Audrey Arroyo.

Audrey Bitoni has judged African-American/Black males as inferior to her because of her mentally crippled racist and bigoted mindset because their color of skin for her is inferior to the skin color composition which she has or possesses physically. This is shameful, disgraceful, and degrading to those males of the African American/Black racial group and for this reason the racist ways of Audrey Bitoni must indeed be reported about and exposed.

This revelation about the disgusting racist shame of Audrey Bitoni is now public knowledge so that all will know about the despicable actions which Audrey Bitoni most certainly does indeed possess. Audrey Bitoni is simply a mentally retarded racist bigot whose racist hostility, racist antagonism, racist repugnance, and racist scorn and spite makes her vile, venomous, contemptible, and rotten to the core.

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