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AtrociousAaron, Bean Station/Knoxville Tennessee, USA

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AtrociousAaron / Ay Ay Ron The Blind Dude

Liar, cheater, manipulator.


Can’t own anything he ever does wrong, it’s always his mom’s fault, his kids mother’s fault, his dad’s fault, one of his brother’s faults, or his “girlfriend’s” fault. Will offer generic apology to shut people up, and then continue the same behavior.
Uses his disability to manipulate others into doing his bidding. Enjoys avoiding resolving problems by instead throwing a person’s past into their face, when it has NOTHING to do with the situation.
Has told me a lot of family secrets that he really, really shouldn’t have.
Lots of anger issues, which go unchecked in the abusive household he lives with his mom and several young children in, including his own sometimes. Constant screaming at kids, grabbimg them, smacking them, letting them run unattended into the nearby street, creek, or public park.

Told me to enjoy karma for exposing him online – he’s already had two failed relationships since fooling and then destroying me; now, I have a real man in my life who isn’t a sociopathic infant – so I’d say I am enjoying the karma quite a bit. 🙂

However, if you continue to inject yourself into my life, I will come back here and add your FULL NAME.

Leave me alone, creep.

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