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Ashley Richardson, Fishers, Indiana

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Ashley Richardson is a photographer living in Fishers, Indiana. Her favorite past-times include pretending to be your friend, and sleeping with your boyfriend at your apartment while you’re at work. I met her through my EX boyfriend, Brian Bugh. They had been friends since they were in school and he had said that there was nothing between them. Little did I know, she had cheated on her previous boyfriend, Nick, with him. If I had known about this then, I wouldn’t have dated Brian in the first place. I was with him for FOUR YEARS when I realized that he had been cheating on me with her for months. Her and I bought each other Christmas presents every year and she always commented on my Facebook photos giving me compliments. She likes to pretend she’s a sweet person so that she can gain your trust and sleep with your boyfriend. I knew something was going on because they were constantly snap chatting each other and messaging each other, but Brian always kept his phone tilted away from me when typing. Finally I snuck into his Facebook one night after he “went to bed” and they were sexting on there at the exact moment I got on there. So he didn’t go to bed, he just went in there to get away from me so he could talk to her. I ended up leaving him after that. It is disgusting that someone can act so kind towards you while at the same time stabbing you in the back. It makes me sick and they are both horrible people who truly deserve each other.

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