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Ashley Hankins, Denton, Texas

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This woman Ashley Hankins is located in Denton, Texas. She will lie to the wife or girlfriend if the guy she’s using for her own personal gain. Granted it does take two but when he tells her to leave him alone and she don’t then it’s her fault just a little more. Then when she’s told to leave the man alone she resorts to telling lies and trying to blackmail the guys and extort money from the wives. Well b***h you’ve met your match. That’s right KARMA IS IN THE CITY now. So everyone look this chick up on facebook so you know who to avoid. It’s Ashley Hankins her profile is her in a red dress (or it was last time I saw it). On also look her up at or or go to denton county sheriff’s web site put her name in. Ya she’s a real winner!

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