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Ashlee Anderson, Surrey, British Columbia

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Ashlee Anderson met a man at her place of employment. She kept in touch with him as a friend for some time but when things started to develop she left her relationship, moved to Surrey B.C and within weeks was dating a married man. She was careful not to disturb the marriage so that it could end by his doing. She could see on his social media that he was married yet did not post a happy birthday or even liked any photos. But, she got sloppy. She posted about going for a drive – the same time he went for a drive. She went with him to pick up furniture at the co-worker of his cousin who then saw this cheater in the front seat and knew – THAT’S NOT HIS WIFE. She had no problem waiting for the man to get as much money, time, whatever he wanted out of the wife. She would text her undying love to him at night while his wife was sleeping. She would have sex with him before he even told the wife he was leaving her. She knowingly lied and deceived. She has two kids. She lives in South Surrey. Don’t let this woman near your men!!!!! Evil, black hearted witch.

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