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April Wertsbaugh, Huntington Beach, California, United States

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April Wertsbaugh from Huntington Beach, California is not only considered to be a “cheater” but there is also something sinister and dark about her as well. It is the fact that she is a racist and a bigot and race-hating individual who has directed her disgraceful race-hating behavior, attitude, mind, and conduct towards Black men or African-American men whom she despises with great racist animosity because of her great hatred for the Black skin color that they have. This evil bigoted woman known as April Wertsbaugh operates with this great hatred from a sickening and a mentally impaired mind. She is against especially having a serious relationship or serious relationship intentions with these Black men or African-American males because of the evil racist resentment and evil racist hostility she has towards them. As a racist, April Wertsbaugh from Huntington Beach, California operates with racist spitefulness, racist malevolence, and racist bitterness which she fully deserves to be exposed about herself and this exposure about April Wertsbaugh is now put here so all will know and also see how vile, despicable, disgusting, wretched, and contemptible this evil race-hating bigot is.

One thought on “April Wertsbaugh, Huntington Beach, California, United States

  1. How can you possibly say this about someone who only tries to be a positive individual?! All of the accusations are unsubstantiated and completely false. Who are you and why are you trying to ruin my maiden name?!? I try to promote peace and love not hate! If you have a heart in your hollow body you will remove this and leave me alone! I can’t believe this is even legal to say something about someone whom you either don’t know or want to hurt intentionally. You succeeded in hurting me now remove this!

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