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April Raines Serra Copart Dispatcher Savannah Georgia Millville NJ Homewrecker

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April Raines Serra
Works at Copart as a dispatcher in Savannah Georgia
Lived in Millville NJ until June 2017
Couldn’t wait to bury her husband in November 2016 so she could start flirting with Marriage Co-Workers. Started with sexual talk.
Loves to Fuck and Suck Dick.
Doesn’t care if you are married with a family.
She is a Ugly Fat home wrecking Skank trailer park trash Low life.
She loves to sext and send her naked pictures.
She loves when they dick fuck her boobs.
Just a nasty piece of trash.
Goes by 1poohsweet. Look her up if you like Trash.
609-579-2407. Hit her up

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