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April Dawn Barks, Brownstown, Michigan

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Went after a married man with kids and knew he was married. She had a boyfriend herself when she went after the married man. She got pregnant same time as wife did, so she could trap the man. She loves money and all material things she can get from the married man. She thinks she did nothing wrong in being a part of ruining a family. She doesn’t care that she has hurt this man kids, She only cares about herself. She now thinks this man is not cheating on her but the same way you got him is the same way you will lose him. The man is 100 percent cheating on this girl and she thinks she can change him. She is a joke. Women hide your man because if he can offer her more money and material things than this man, she will come after your man. April Dawn Barks is nothing but a disgusting selfish Homewrecker.

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