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Anthony W. Yaskoweak, Illinois

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DESCRIPTION: tall, brown eyes, lots of dark hair everywhere(his chest, a**, back), men’s b**** and round belly; 37 yo(this year); snores loud; I never thought I would have to do that but that ”relationship” with Anthony has been doing lots of harm to everybody that is around me. And there is nothing more to lose! I wish I had revealed the truth to the world a lot, lot earlier so a few girls would avoid that douche bag! It took me 3 years(after over 5 yrs with him)to do this step. So, girls, don’t date this liar!!! He can be sweet but SO deceiving! And he would tell you things you want to hear but that’s the matrimonial psychopath! Anything he’d say(even a small thing!)was a lie! Of course, I needed time to find it out(the Internet is God for that!). It was a long-distance relationship, so he could cheat whenever he wanted and still tell me things I wanted to hear. He’d lie not only to me, also to his friends(he’d go to visit one of his best friends from work in WA and would call his wife a b******* old hag, he’s kinda racist too!), and family as I later found out. We met online. I was 25 at that time and he stole the best years of my life! He’d tell me he was looking for a serious relationship already as he was 28 then and was looking for a future wife. He’d also tell me how much he hates being played by a girl, and that is something American girls are great at, that’s why he didn’t want to date any of American girls ever… So, when we met he’d call

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