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Anne Reberholt

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Anne is a very disturbed woman who I met in 2014. I thought she was a person she wasn’t. She lied about her whole life to me. She had a kid with a guy who doesn’t even come around and after I left her she told everyone that the kid was with me when it clearly wasn’t lol and I can prove that to everyone because I have dna test results. I am ashamed of myself for even dating her because she had 2 stds before me and luckily I didn’t get infected. She still has Ganarhea and Chlamidia. Also, she really smells bad and I always felt so bad to ever say anything to her. It was a total turnoff. I really just want to warn any guy that’s currently with this girl. All she wants is your money and her whole family will play along. Her moth just got out of prison for prostitution alI found out and her father was in there for 2nd degree robbery. It’s some scary shit!

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