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Anna Thompson Freeman

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She is a financial leech. She has a Bachelor’s Degree but works a crappy job to work the system and pull in a high child support. She leeches off her wealthy parents and told her ex husband she’s “just waiting on them to die and then she’ll get her inheritance and be OK”. She will try to steal your children away from you and will only allow you to see them if the court forces her too. If you know anything about family law then you know that amount of time is nothing but 4 days a month.. She has a history of alcohol/drug abuse but ignores that as she uses your past against you even if your living a good, clean life. She acts like a nice person but behind closed doors she’s a wretched person. Insanely jealous and controlling. She tried to get her ex husband to abandon his son from a previous relationship because she was so insanely jealous of his mother. Tries to pretend she’s a Christian but everything that comes out her mouth is a lie or used to try and manipulate. Nothing is ever her fault and you will ALWAYS be wrong.

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