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Anna Miller, California, USA

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Anna Miller from California is a cheater alright. She is not only a cheater when it comes to cheating on others in relationships, but she is also another type and another kind of cheater. She is a racist and a bigot who demonstrates her racism and hateful bigotry against African-American men or Black men in particular whom she is totally against because of the hatred she has against their skin color. In other words these African-American men or Black men are disqualified from having a serious relationship with her because of her hatred, loathing, and contempt against their dark skin pigment or dark skin color. What a Truly Evil and Sick Woman. This is also cheating which steals from people their right to be seen as equal with every other person regardless of what color of skin they may have. Apparently it seems that Anna Miller does not know this yet and this is why she must be revealed for being that foul, nauseating, and revolting pigpen of racism that she actually is. All racists and racially biased discriminators like Anna Miller are basically rank, gross, noxious, and evil-smelling pigpens and Anna Miller is the worst kind it seems.

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