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Ann Marie Young

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Was with Ann Marie Young from Lindsay Ontario for 10 months after realizing everything was lies and deception only took money defrauded money from me
Claimed to want to marry me while still secretly chatting with ex fuck freind as she called him and still wanted to hang out at singles club where freind was at
All lies and deception
Never offered to buy even a coffee always took three steps back when the invoice came .expected the world to be given to her
She was always claiming I was cheating and I didn’t look at another girl the whole time with her
She would hear voices in her head she say we’re so loud she couldn’t communicate because the voices we’re louder then mine
O ya she claimed to be a Christian lmao
Beware of her bullshit she cares about no one except her self
Was the most disrespectful woman I’ve ever met
Good luck if you cross paths with her
Cray cray

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