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Ann Howard Spoerl, Des Moines, Iowa

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this woman guilted, by crying, etc., her ex-bf, from 25 years prior into leaving his family to meet he, so she could appologize to him because she didnt believe he accepted her over the phone appology for something selfish she did to him 25 years prior, knowing he was married w/ a child, & grandchild who needed, & wanted him, yet she got him into her bed, & he didnt get back home to his family until 3:30AM the following morning, & when his wife confronted her via. the telephone about hooking up w/ her, she screamed, & yelled @ his wife, denying anything sexual happened, & that morning he obviously didnt get enough of her, he packed his bags & left his wife, daughter, & granddaughter who all loved, needed, & wanted him to stay w/ them, for this hoe who betrayed him 25 years prior in prob. 1 of the worst ways a woman prob. could do to her boyfriend, which, he denies that she did after this hook up took place, but shortly after he started dating his wife, he told her that this ex-girlfriend got rid of the child he could of had w/out him even knowing she was ptrgnant, & then after this hook up w/ her 25 years later, he denied that he ever said that, after he even just recently told his own child that, thats what she did, till this day, this homewrecker has never appologized to his now ex wife for him leaving their home in hopes of having a relationship w/ her, in which did happen, they prob. both became emotionally attached to each other while having an emotional affair via. Facebook messaging, & cellphone calls, & texts months, or maybe even years prior to their hooking back up

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