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Angier Ames Healdsburg, California

First Name : Angier
Last Name : Ames
Gender : M
Age : 44
City : Healdsburg
State : CA
Country : US
Phone : (707)955-6581
Alias 1 : Angier Moseley Ames
Alias 2 : Angier Ames
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

Angier Moseley Ames of Healdsburg, California and also of Boston drugged and raped me for 3 consecutive days. I was paralyzed and I was passing out and falling and he would attack me every night for 3 nights. He even mentioned wanting to tie me up with a jump rope. This man is evil and a rapist drug addict. Stay away!!!!!

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